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We offer wide range from CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras, wireless cameras, IP cameras, Dahua HDCVI, Hikvision Turbo HD, car rear view cameras, dome cameras, covert cameras, PIR cameras, spy cameras, 4 channel dvr, 8 channel dvr, 16 channel dvr, 32 channel dvr and pc dvr cards, IP cameras, Infrared, indoor, outdoor vandal proof are some of the products to choose from. Record real time video using one of stand alone DVR recorders.

Live GPS trackers for cars and trucks that can be viewed live from the internet. Click here to view


HDCVI is a solution for megapixel high definition applications, featuring non-latent long-distance transmission at a lower cost. The name has to do with its baseband and quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which is able to avoid CVBS cross talk, completely separate brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality. The HDCVI solution incorporates both cameras and DVRs.

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 Easy Plug and Play Customized To Your Needs

All of our products are tested before it leaves our store to ensure your products are in perfect working condition and setup to your requirements. Allowing you to simply open the box, plug in your system and start using your CCTV Cameras straight out of the box. 

Complete Security Camera Systems

Our complete security camera systems and CCTV packages allow for easy setup. No special tools required. 
We are also equipped to install and setup CCTV solutions from small home s to large scale industrial businesses.


We offer support on all of our products and have a dedicated support team. 


Although serving Johanneburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town we ship to the rest of South Africa and Africa which include countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Kenya to name but a few

Our Location

We are 40 minutes drive south of Johannesburg based in Vanderbijlpark.


To put your mind at ease and show you our trust in our high quility products, all of our products comes with an 1 year warranty guarantee. 

This allow you to invest with confidence in our products.    



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